Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chart of Accounts setting in GL Parameters.

Let’s start with the Charts of Accounts (COA). Before start creating your chart of accounts it is good to plan first, if you are upgrading from any legacy system it would be better to start with old COA.

You can create COA either 

  •      By importing data from other company 
  •           By creating each account one by one
  •      or  Use default data for that, which is in installation CD.
There are two important settings related to COA in GL parameters form.

Go to:  General Ledger àSetup à Parameters à Ledger à Account Length as in fig: 1.1

Fig: 1.1

Define Account Length in Account Length Field (for unlimited write set field to 0).

Define Control type on Account Length. This is basically an action to be taken, if account length increases from, what is defined in Account Length field.

Then we have Group total account length. Group Total is an account type in Chart of Accounts form It can be clarified by following example:

In your demo company, first, create an account with
Account Number:  ‘1’
Account Name: ‘Group Total of 1’
Account Type: ‘Group Total’.

Second set Group total account length in General Parameter form to ‘6’.

Dynamics AX will follow these steps to calculate this account. First, it will check Group total account length field in General ledger parameters form. From this field it will know the length of account to be considered for calculating total. Then, it will check the account number field in new account (which is ‘1’). Next it will total balances of all account whose Account Number starts with 1 and the length of account number is 6 characters.

Last for Chart of Accounts setup in Parameter form, we have Automatic account type selection if you enable it and create new account in COA form, Account Type field will automatically populate according the settings done in Automatic Account type selection form. To access this form

Goto: General Ledger à Setup à Posting à Automatic Account type selection

I hope this will be help full for you. If you feel like something is missing something more to be added to improve this topic do tell me and I add that to. Thank you for your time.

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  1. Hi,
    If we use "Group total account length" instead of "Total" Account Type the Account Number results in sorting issues.
    Is there a workaround for this.

  2. Try achieving this by COA --> Setup --> Total. Define Account range here.