Thursday, February 11, 2016

To Reuse Void check number if journal is not posted.

Check reuse functionality in Dynamics AX is only available for US region.

Step1- Reject payment : Journal Lines > Payment status > Rejected.

Step2- Change payment status to None.

Step3- Go to AOT > tables > BankChequeTable.

Step4- Search Check number in CheckNum filed.

Step5- Change CheckStatus to created.

Step6- Go to Cash and Bank Management > Common > Check

Step7- Search check number. Check number should have status Created.

Step8- Select Check and Press Delete.

Step9- Enter Check number in From and To field.

Step10- Write Delete in Text box and press ok.

All Done!

You can now use this check number again.

Note: Test this solution on your test environment first. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016


During configuration of General Ledger in GL parameters form Batch Transfer rules has to be defined. When I was configuring it and clicked new, a line was created with "Document" in Rule type filed, since we need to create a synchronous posting so I had to change it to Company but I was unable to do it. After tying to do it multiple times I googled this issue and found below post and run the below job:

static void AST_SubledgerJournalTransferRuleCreate(Args _args)
   info( "Created" );

After running this job record was created with rule type company.

Below is the link of Forum post: